Action Packed Range

Designed for KS1 and KS2, the Action Packed range is perfect as a PE resource for cardio fitness circuits or group PE activities, as well as for After School and Breakfast Club activities. 

From exercise mats to hone coordination, balance, agility and teamwork, to an Extras collections in the form of letters, numbers and giant jigsaw puzzles to further stimulate brain power and inspire problem-solving, Action Packed Mats help to guide children through various activities, games and circuits.

Mini Mats Range

Designed for EYFS, the Mini Mats Range focuses on movement and coordination activities, using simple yet engaging graphics to unlock the power of movement – perfect as an early years PE resource to develop young children’s physical and cognitive abilities

An Extras collection is also available which includes numbers and symbols, transport and road signs, animals and clothes to further support the EYFS curriculum.

Mindful Mats Range

Designed for EYFS, KS1, KS2 and KS3, Mindful Mats provide a range of activities to help children re-centre, be mindful, focus and self-regulate their emotions. Helping children to understand and manage their own behaviour and reactions can aid behaviour management and support a child’s emotional wellbeing. 

There are sixteen different activities that range from cerebral and active, to dynamic, where children are encouraged to take a mat or two and focus on the activity until the emotion is controlled and regulated.