Discover the Action Packed range

The Action Packed range provides lesson plans with active learning resources for KS1 and KS2. Versatile and multi-curricular, they can guide children through various activities, games and circuits – whether it’s part of standalone PE lesson, classroom activity or in a After School/Breakfast Club. Its Extras collection includes letters, numbers and giant jigsaw puzzles to further stimulate brain power and inspire problem-solving. With a library of lesson plans included as standard via our app, it’s no wonder that schools love these resources.

Action Packed Mats

From standalone PE lessons and cardio fitness circuits to energising warm up sessions or part of “wake up, shake up” activity, the Action Packed Mats help PE instructors and teachers to engage all students and make physical activity fun. 

Best of all, to help reduce planning and preparation time, the Action Mats app contains over 40 different lesson plans, which details simple and creative ways to use the mats!

What's included?

The pack includes a total of 32 mats in various sizes, including: 14 activity mats, 4 home mats from teamwork, 10 arrow runs to help direct students to the next activity, 4 target mats, and 2 carry bags for easy storage. Schools also have access to the Action Mats app containing over 40 different lesson plans!

Key benefits

Action Packed Mats Extras

The Extras mats can be used alongside the complete set to invent fun problem-solving games to strengthen reading and numerical skills. The mats are lightweight and compact for children to carry but prominent and impactful enough to create substantial results within games and activities.

Alphabet Collection

Featuring 30 letter and punctuation mats, the Alphabet Collection is ideally suited for KS1 and KS2, enabling teaching staff to create fun literacy activities. The set can strengthen social bonds, improve vocabulary and increase processing speed.

Number Collection

With 28 number and mathematical symbol mats, teaching staff can make maths more enjoyable with brainteasers and logic puzzles, and can inspire KS1 and KS2 children to tackle challenges they might have previously seen as too difficult. 

Jigsaw Puzzles

There are 4 designs to choose from, each providing 16 mats. The Environmental Awareness and Healthy Eating are designed for KS1, while the more challenging Brick and Water Swirl are aimed at KS2. Each set features sixteen pieces and are ideal for cultivating fun, interactive and rewarding challenges.