An exciting new PE resource

Sport Premium-compliant

Perfect for team building

Simple and effective, lightweight and portable

Created in conjunction with schools, and heath and fitness professionals

Action Mats

Welcome to Action Mats:

Action Mats are:

A brand new simple and effective PE resource

Sport Premium compliant

10 lesson resources included with each set of mats for time saving ease of delivery

Easy to understand by non readers and non English speaking pupils

Bright, attractive and engaging

Lightweight and Portable

Action Mats are designed to promote PE as a fun activity to primary schoolchildren. The mats feature bright, easy-to-understand graphics to enable the delivery of PE though individual and collaborative games and challenges.

Sets of mats come with downloadable lesson resources to help with delivery, although the key to the success is how easy the exercises are to understand.

Individual mats are available too, so you can customise the exercises you want to deliver.

Action Mats

More than just a mat:

Action Mats are:

As well as our Action Mats, we have created our own range of fun and challenging activity plans designed to help your lesson planning, and as excite and challenge the children.

Our activity plans make full use of all our Action Mats, bringing a fresh and exciting feeling into all your PE lessons, as well as bring out the full potential of your children through teamwork and confidence building.

Made to Last

Highly durable and with a grippy rubber back, Action Mats' ease of use means you can get them out in every PE lesson for puplis to use as a warm-up or a full lesson.


Action Mats lesson plans include ideas for different uses of the mats to provide longevity and a different challenge every time. Introduction of resources like bean bags and hula hoops further the fun.

Action Packed

The full set of Action Mats provides a wide range of exercises that pupils tackle in pairs. The bright colours and stimulating activities keep them engaged while promoting health and fitness.

Don't take our word -
listen to teachers'

Action Mats were created alongside
schools and health and fitness
professionals to provide the most
complete PE package suitable
for every school.

Action Mats are a Fantastic Resource for our School

Dove Primary School

Fantastic resource that as a school we use in a variety of different areas. Perfect for children to set up themselves and the isual clues are excellent in ensuring children remain focused on the task.

Alison Richards - Headteacher Hertingfordbury Cowper C of E V A Primary School

We love our Action Mats and think they are great.

Becki Powel - Deputy Head Wenlock School

The kids love them; they are so engaged with them, it’s great.

Heather Hudson - MD of Bedfordshire East School Trust

Our afterschool children request them everyday and play for hours making up their own games

Action Mats

An Action Packed set provides everythuing you need to deliver ballanced

flexible and engaging sessions as soon as the mats are delivered

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Delivery is 35 plus VAT per order (no matter the order size) and is available for the UK mainland only.

Due to demand, delivery takes 2-3 weeks.

Action Mats can be personalised with the logo of your school, sports club, leisure centre or college crest for an additional cost.