Simple, safe & socially distanced PE

Social distancing doesn’t need to be a problem. Action Mats give you the freedom to plan safe, fun and interactive PE lessons. Exercising with a highly visual set of 1m x 1m Action Mats is so simple and each mat creates its own dedicated exercise area. They’re easy to understand, really easy to use and are accessible to all.

There is an understandable degree of nervousness about running PE
Sessions through these challenging times. However, social distancing
doesn’t need to be a problem, because Action Mats give you the
freedom to plan safe, fun and interactive PE lessons.

We aim to reduce the challenges faced by teachers, utilising the
inherent social distancing mechanisms that each mat provides and
providing everything needed to run fun and meaningful PE lessons
quickly and easily.

The Action Mats Activity Pack enables numerous set-ups, creating
their own dedicated exercise area and better still we’ve already done
most of the planning for you. All you need to do is follow the clearly
laid out lesson plans.

Each highly visual mat has a defined space showing children the
boundary within which they are to work. The boundary colours used
provide an instant visual contrast for all children to acknowledge,
even those with limited vision.

Action Mats can be arranged around your available space and will
help you ensure the children are where you want them to be.
The arrow mats will ensure children rotate around the circuit of mats
in a one-way direction, therefore adhering to spacing and social

Action Mats for 7-12 years old

Mini Mats for 3-6 years old

Action Mats Benefits

Full body workout: Specifically chosen activities that are simple yet effective in providing a full body conditioning.

Promotes teamwork: Action Mats revolves around working with small to large groups of primary school children.

Versatile and creative: Even though Action Mats come with pre-defined lesson plans, designing your own drills/sequences is easy to do and exciting.

Easy to understand: Each mat has colourful illustrations to show the activity/task shown on the mat.

PE and Sport Premium compatible: Ticks all the boxes for satisfying funding requirements.

Safety in mind: Built to last with non-slip technology to ensure your students remain safe.

Lesson plans included: Provides PE teachers/coordinators with proven successful and engaging lessons.

Lightweight and portable: Easy to store and super simple for the children to setup and put away.

Jenny Rochford, Head of PE

The great thing about the mats is they’re not just restricted for PE, we can use them for breakfast and lunchtime clubs and after school clubs.

Andy Olde, PE Coordinator

The mats are really safe, if anyone falls over it wouldn’t hurt if they are on the mats. It is definitely a breath of fresh air for me, I’ve never seen anything like this.

Sonia Fenner, Headteacher, Pirton Primary School

As a small school, we have to compete with larger schools and the sports premium is all based on pupil numbers. So of course we don’t have as much as the larger schools. But we want to make sure we can offer our children the same opportunities as larger schools. We feel like we are managing to do that right now.

Hertingfordbury Cowper Primary School


We love our Actions Mats and we think they are great!

Becki Powel, Deputy Head, The Wenlock School

These mats seem to be different, every time we get them out the kids want to use them. You can use your sports premium money, which is perfect because for that you have a whole list of things that you have to check off when you are investing that money.

Heather Hudson, Managing Director, Best Bedfordshire Schools Trust

Our after school children request them everyday and play for hours making up their own games.

Drove Primary School, Swindon, Wiltshire

Fantastic resource that as a school we use in a variety of different areas. Perfect for the children to set up themselves and the visual clues are excellent ensuring children remain focused on the task.

Richard Lightfoot, PE Coordinator


They are simple to use yet really really effective

How Action Mats work

Action Mats children's fitness exercise mats are designed to integrate seamlessly in to PE lessons. Because each Action Mat has an illustrated of what exercise or task to carry out it means you can set up different circuits combinations every time. The different activities for each mat ensure a full body work out for the student or child.

Super Simple to Use

Action Mats are super simple to setup and run a PE lesson with. You can choose to either work in a formal way using the structured Action Mats lesson plans that are provided with your mats or if you and are familiar the mats you can simply freestyle and develop your own circuit/drills.

Setup Phase

Simply lay out your Action Mats in your desired configuration or follow our Activity Plan guides.

Compliment the mats with fitness equipment such as skipping ropes, hula-hoops and benches etc.

Exercise Phase

The Exercise Phase is where it all happens. You can execute the PE class with several different variations/formats. Perhaps you wish to split up your students in to group and have them compete against each other or maybe they prefer to do a timed circuit.

Whatever style you wish to adopt Action Mats are always adaptable to whatever lesson format you wish to use.

Tidy Up

Action Mats are super easy to tidy up, stack them store in the protective carry bag.

Pre-prepared Activity Guides

All Action Mat bundles come with a series of Activity Guide and Lesson Plans so you will never run out of ideas. While Action Mats work just fine without formal planning we have included these guides and plans so you can mix up your lessons when you feel the need to.

Clock Face PE Lesson Diagram
Small Circuits PE Lesson Diagram

Other Action Mat Collections

We have introduced other mats collections that are orientated to exercising the child's brain power and problem solving. These additional collections come in the form of letters, numbers and giant jigsaw puzzles. Action Mats versatility means these mats can be incorporated to PE classes as well as different class subjects such as mathematics and English.

Action Mats Letters Collection
Giant Jigsaws Puzzles
Action Mats Numbers Collection

What Customers Are Saying

Where can we get Action Mats?

You can get your Action Mats right here via our website. Ordering can be carried out online and we will keep you up-to-date about the status of your order.

Action Mats are PE and Sport Premiums compatible. They tick all the boxes for satisfying funding requirements.

Free PE Lesson Plans Download

Download 3 amazing tried and tested PE lessons for free. The PE lesson plans include different activities and timings/activity duration. These PE lessons are ideal for a PE coach or PE coordinator that would like to minimise their planning of PE lesson classes. Simply enter your email address and we will send you the download link for your free PE lesson plans.

Action Mats Gallery

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is it possible to have our school logo or club crest on the mats?
The standard PE mats, Home bases mats and the 3-6 year old PE mats can all accommodate your logo or crest for a small charge. You can select the product Personal Logo Customisation within the online store.
How long does it take for delivery of Action Mats?
Delivery is typically between 2-3 weeks of when we receive your order. We will let you know once we have dispatched your order.
How do I care for my Action Mats?
Store Action Mats flat in their carry bags to prevent the corners from curling up. The lifespan and vibrancy of you Action Mats will be best maintained if they are used in bare feet. Dirt and light soiling can be brushed off or vacuumed. Heavy soiling can be cleaned with a proprietary carpet cleaner.
Spills and cleaning tips:
Never rub the surface. The correct way to approach a spillage or mark is to blot the area with a clean absorbent cloth or white paper towel.
Clean with a proprietary cleaning solution thereafter.
Do not expose to a direct source of heat. If the mats get wet, allow them to dry naturally laid flat.
Action Mats can be used outside however avoid loose grit and dirt which can prematurely wear the rubber backing out.
Prolonged exposure to bright sunlight may cause colours to fade.