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Having created Action Mats to get children engaging with being fit and healthy through fun games and challenges, we realised that we could do more to widen the concept. We regularly see and hear from schools how well Action Mats are received and how well they work in their core aim, so we felt inspired to build upon it. Our first thought was to include problem solving games within an Action Mats session; use the mats and solve a problem at the end. We introduced the jigsaw race mats and even tried them out on teachers and PE Coaches at various conferences. They proved to be a lot of fun and a great competitive challenge. The idea that you can break out into a sweat whilst building jigsaw is a novel one, but I have seen it happen.

Having seen the success of one problem solving game involving Action Mats, we realised that much more could be done. There is much evidence that physical activity and attainment in children are linked Click for more information and we realised that Action Mats are already well placed to contribute to this goal of moving and learning. We began to consider the opportunities for cross-curricular learning using Action Mats. The introduction of letter and number mats brought active learning with Action Mats to life. We ran test session in schools and watched whilst children worked together in challenges, creating the longest word possible with the letters the team had brought, create cross words and themed words or sharpened their individual thought process in a race against other teams using random letters in a stack to determine actions, movement or choice of mat to use. Number mats invite the same sorts of engaging challenges from races to produce a given total from a teams’ individual number mats, to numbers of exercises per mat, to equations and product games for teams to compete against each other in.

We have therefore produced three, ‘bolt-on’ sets and the associated resource material to compliment an Action Packed set. There is a set of numbers and mathematical symbols, letter of the alphabet with common punctuation marks and, of course, our KS1 and KS2 jigsaw race sets.

We are always looking for new ways to engage children in learning so, if you have any thoughts, please jot them down and send them to us. We’ll do the artwork and share them with the Action Mats community. 


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Jigsaw Race Mats
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We have created jigsaw mats for KS1 and KS2 specifically to add a fun and unexpected dimension to the way children use Action Mats. Jigsaw mats come with an engaging, competitive team game to get you started and we are sure you will come up with lots of ideas of your own.

Price: £67.50 ( £81.00 Inc. VAT)

Letter Mats
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A set of 30 letter and punctuation mats.

Featuring upper and lower case letters and common punctuation (full stop, comma, question mark and exclamation mark) in bright colours.

Each mat measures 25cm x 25cm so they are easy for the children to carry but big enough to create substantial results with in the games and challenges.

Price: £83.00 ( £99.60 Inc. VAT)

Number Mats
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A set of 30 number and mathmatical symbols mats.

Mats featuring numbers 1 to 24 in clear graphics and bright colours along with mathmatical symbols to include addition, subtraction, multiply, divide and equals.

Each mat measures 25cm x 25cm.

Number mats can be used to set the number of exercises performed on each Action Mat or, they can be used for ‘Active Learning’ challenges helping maths skills woven into Action Mats exercise games and challenges. 

Price: £80.00 ( £96.00 Inc. VAT)