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We developed Action Mats Limited in response to PE practitioners looking for a combination of exercise and play. We came up with the idea that 'Action Mat', our stick-man character, would show children of any age and language ability how to do exercises on a bright and attractive activity zone - a defined space that attracts children to use it. We set out to find a lightweight and durable mat that would be non-slip and non-trip, and enable bright and cheerful designs to be printed on it. Once we found the material, we developed the range and, with help from PE teachers, fine-tuned the exercises and challenges to address children's capability and attention span.

We road tested several sets of mats over a number of months to ensure they worked well and appeal to children. The feedback was extremely positive. 'Action Mat' was clearly understood and, what's more, enduringly appealing. Each lesson was fun and with teachers rapidly coming up with ideas on how to use them, the mats became far more than a simple circuit training aid. They provided the tools for fitness and for fun. We have turned these ideas into lesson plans to help you deliver great PE lessons throughout the year.

We found that children from Years 2 to 5 could all engage easily with the mats for a full lesson. Younger children needed shorter bursts but were very keen to use them, and Year 6 were getting a bit big for them - although many still wanted to have a go!

Some of the schools used them for 'wake up, shake up' sessions during Breakfast Club or for fun during After School Clubs. This added an extra dimension to their use that we hadn't initially thought of.

The mats come in large zip-up bags with two handles so that in pairs the children can tidy up and look after them. We advise use with bare feet to prolong the life of the mats but they are made to be used regularly. They can be vacuumed and even washed with standard carpet cleaning tools and products if they need sprucing up after heavy use throughout the year.

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Made to Last

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Made to Last

Action Mats are made from a lightweight, durable material that creates an ideal non-slip and non-trip surface.

The mats are contained in large zip-up bags that have two handles so that the children can contribute to tidying up and looking after them.

Action Packed Action Mat set

The Action Packed Set:


Warm-up, Rocket Jumps, Balance Skipping, Star Jumps, Lunges, Sit-ups, Press-ups, Step-ups, Hula Hoops, Speed Bounce, 10 arrows, 3 target mats and 4 Home mats, including 10 lesson resources and 2 storage bags.

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Delivery is 35 plus VAT per order (no matter the order size) and is available for the UK mainland only.

Due to demand, delivery takes 2-3 weeks.

Action Mats can be personalised with the logo of your school, sports club, leisure centre or college crest for an additional cost.