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"Action Packed" Action Mats
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Set of 11 activity mats, 4 Home mats, 10 Shuttle run and 4 target mats.

Price: £910.00 ( £1,092.00 Inc. VAT)
1,037.40 EUR

"Intro" to Action Mats
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Set of 11 activity mats.

Price: £590.00 ( £708.00 Inc. VAT)
672.60 EUR

Home Mat (Set of 4)
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Home mats are colour coded. They come in four colours red, blue, green and yellow so that matching teams can be created and be easy to identify. Games and challenges usually revolve around the home mats. Circuits start or finish at the home mats, challenges aim to reach the home mats and games feature the home mats.

Home mats are the hub for games and challenges. Home mats enable practitioners to create new games and challenges of their own.

Home mats are the key to unlocking the full potential of Action Mats.

Price: £224.00 ( £268.80 Inc. VAT)
255.36 EUR

Shuttle Runs Mats
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A set of 10 interlocking arrow mats and 3 target mats.

Shuttle runs mats are a combination of narrow mats with arrows on and target mats to place at intervals along the arrows run.

Target mats can be placed on one or both sides of the arrows run for one or two players. Target mats can be tagged or can have bean bags placed upon them/ collected from them.

Shuttle runs challenge speed and agility and work legs muscles and core abdominal muscles which engage to stabilise, twist and turn. Shuttle runs can be carried out against a timer or against another player to increase the challenge.

Price: £112.00 ( £134.40 Inc. VAT)
127.68 EUR


Delivery is a fixed £35 plus vat per order and is available for uk mainland only.
Due to demand Delivery is 2-3 weeks from order.
Action Mats can be personalised with the logos of your sports clubs, leisure centres or school or college crests at an additional cost.

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